How to shrink movie files on mac

Easy Steps to Compressing a Video Into an Email

It seems really clear and simple.

10 Recommended Video Compressor Mac to Reduce Video Size

But i also wondered whether IMovie is also available to Windows users too? Reply 1 year ago. That's correct! Compressions typically fall short into two categories: lossless and lossy. With lossless compression, you keep all the file quality via an algorithm that removes redundancies in the files information that should obviously a simplification but usually won't be able to compress the file a WHOLE lot.

Reduce video file size with HandBrake (for Mac users)

Click the Source button on the top-right corner to browse and add the desired video files. Change the file parameters from given options in their drop-down menu. If it is a very large file, it can take much longer to compress. An icon located on your desktop typically designates this program; if not, you can also locate the program by going to the "Start" menu, selecting "All Programs" and searching for the program. Don't know how to reduce the video size?

With lossy compression, you will lose video quality, but also gain the ability to compress the file a lot more, saving much more space. This is an example of lossy compression. In general, higher video quality means a larger video size. For example, a minute video. In addition, the size of the video is also closely related to the video encoding, frame rate, bit rate and other parameters. For Mac users, iMovie will be a good video compressor. For Windows users, the Wonderfox HD video converter factory is worth trying. I have ever used Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate compressed my video size.

It can keep the perfect video output quality when ouputing small file size. Complete clarity guide, but I'd like use Pavtube video converter, it's more easier to compress video for any device or editing software. Nice guide, it's really detail but still a little hard for me, just take time.

I still want to get a easy way to compress the video. Here is the easy guide. Reply 3 years ago. Add Teacher Note. Open iMovie 2. Select the "Movie" option. Choose a theme or "No Theme". Choose what you want the file to be named. Select all of the video file components that have just been imported into Windows Movie Maker. Do so by holding down the left mouse button and dragging your cursor over every video file component to highlight it.

Drag the video components into the "Timeline" feature. Do this by continuing to hold down the left mouse button and dragging the highlight components into the "Timeline" section located at the bottom of the Windows Movie Maker screen. Select "Save to my computer" located in the column on the left hand side. This will prompt a "Save Movie Wizard" window to pop up.

Type in a file name in designated field in order to differentiate your original AVI video file from the newly compressed video file; then click "Next". Select the new size you want your AVI video file to compress down to from the video size dropdown menu. Click "Next. After video compression, the "Save Movie Wizard" will prompt you to finish the video compression and view your movie. To do so, simply press the "Finish" button.

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Method 2. Locate and select the AVI file you wish to compress; click "Open. If you want to compress your AVI file as a different file format, select the corresponding file format from the tabs along the top of the AVS Video Converter window. This will give you options based on the medium you will be using your compressed AVI file; i. Click the "Edit Profile" button next to the "Profile" drop down menu. Change the AVI video file's bitrate by typing in the bitrate file size in the "Bitrate" field in the "Edit Profile" window; click "OK" to apply the bitrate changes.

This will prompt the program to begin the file compression process. Click the "Open Folder" button once your file has finished compressing in order to playback your compressed AVI file. Method 3.

How to Shrink a Video File Size Without Losing Quality

Select "New" from the "File" drop down menu located at the top of the iMovie window. Type the name of the new project you want to create as your compressed AVI video file. If you can trim footage off of the beginning or end, that will reduce the size of the file. The second method is by removing the audio from your video. That will decrease the file size without any loss of quality. There are three main factors: resolution, bitrate, and encoding. Resolution is the number of pixels presented in your video, and it is usually represented by a horizontal x vertical measurement for example, native HD, also referred to as p, is x That provides high-definition quality.

The aspect ratio is very common, and includes a number of other resolutions. Here are the resolutions that YouTube recommends for various measures of quality:.

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So which resolution should you use? It largely depends on where your audience is likely to watch.

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An audience that primarily uses their smartphone to watch your videos is a bit more difficult to plan for, as phones have different resolutions, screen sizes, and pixel densities. Possibly the most important factor in determining video size is the bitrate. This is a measure of how much information is transmitted every second, and is usually measured in Mpbs and sometimes kbps. Finally, we come to encoding. Video encoding uses two different parts: the codec and the container.

Understanding Video File Size

QuickTime Player 7 for Mac OS X v or later · QuickTime On the Save exported file as window select "Movie to QuickTime Movie", and click "Options". 7. The article provides 10 video compressor Mac for you to reduce video size on Mac, read Best video compressor for Mac to compress video files by one-click.

A full discussion of both is very technical, but we recommend using H. This is an efficient method of compressing your video, and will result in only a slight loss of quality. You compress a video by removing information, and that means anyone viewing it on a large screen will probably be able to tell.

Different resolutions, bitrates, and encoding settings will give you distinct results—and some may be better for you than others.

How to Compress a Video File Using IMovie

Then click Add and select your video file you can also select multiple files to convert them as a batch. Fortunately, VLC has recommendations for different types of videos. Think people will be watching your video on a TV? Want something smaller? Optimizing for Android, iPod, or iPhone will also get you smaller files. To further reduce your video file size, you can change the resolution of the video.