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Microsoft Outlook for Mac Will Soon Support Google Calendar & Google Contacts

Outlook users can now preview Google Calendar integration

Hi Sunder - I wonder if you could provide an update on how to move forward with my situation? I wanted to use this new feature new Google support in Outlook on my Mac. I am on Outlook Office for Mac. When I set up the connection, it immediately started downloading all my emails from my Gmail account. It took some time hours , but it downloaded all of them in one process.

When I installed the new version of Outlook that supported the NEW Google connectivity, I had to delete by old account and create a new one, which I did.

How to sync Outlook Calendar with Mac

However, when I did this, Outlook did not would not download all the emails in my existing Inbox. It downloaded some current month - May , then I had to hit the Sync Folders button to get it to sync more, then it would only sync a few at a time, facing me to manually hit the Sync Folders button again, and again, and again. Why does the new release support pulling all my email like the older release did? I've read some excuses such as Google data limits, but that can't be because when I set up my previous account it all downloaded all the emails in one, albeit long, process. Can someone please help me get my all emails to download?

Without all my emails one place, Outlook is useless to me. I'll need your email address to look up ticket as I didn't find it using your full name. Alternatively, you can start a new ticket and use your full name so I can look it up. It'll provide us logs that we can use to see why you account is not able to sync properly. If you use your full name in the contact support dialog, I can pull it up on my side.

I don't have timelines to share though. It was resolved already.

Do you still need help with this? Yes please don't know why it was marked resolved. I cannot see the gmail calendars. I never did get that dialog box. I just updated to Outlook for Mac I have taken a look at the various help topics but nothing seems to work. Tried to "Open shared calendar" under "Organise" but only the MS exchange email account on my Outlook shows up as an option and that one already shows in my calendar.

It is just the calendars that were there before the 'upgrade' that have vanished. I am on auto-update so assume I was on a current version of Outlook before today. To clarify - I have a O subscription and all this functionality was working fine until the update today. Who thought that this approach was a good idea? I can't seem to get it back, even though I deleted the account and re-added. The odd thing is that my email is just fine, and SOME of my calendar events have refreshed, but not all of them.

Any suggestions on how to re-synch just the calendar? We had to update build configuration that could have caused your flight to be turned off. I can confirm this if you contact support. I have 2 macs, both running office I have given him the same reply as here. Hello, Does anyone know if this feature works with Google's 2FA enabled?

Other changes in Office for Mac 2016 16.13

Need a cheapp monitor? Here's how to get them under control Are the notifications on Windows 10 annoying you? Now that we're up to the seventh Can someone please help me get my all emails to download? Now, Microsoft is adding the ability to sync Google Calendar and Contact accounts as well, with the same add, delete, and time and location editing functionality as was previously available only with Outlook. Microsoft's Outlook for Mac program does not allow you to sync your calendar to Google directly.

I'm having an issue with a user who had this working for her before, but since 2FA has been enabled, I cannot get the calandar to sync. I've readded the account, but it's still just pulling down the IMAP address, is there a way I can just force it though? You may also need to restart Outlook. I don't see your ticket in the system. You can opt-in to Insider Slow to get this functionality.

Have had replies from 2 of your colleagues over there both suggesting the same thing. Trouble is that it's not working.

Outlook 2016 for Mac adds support for Google Calendar and Contacts

My Outlook for Mac version is still All of this on a Mac Immediately had dialogue boxes from Google asking if I wanted to share access for my Gmail accounts etc with Microsoft Cloud etc. Approved everything including the inevitable security alerts from Google about 3rd party app access and restarted Still no way I can see to add the calendars to Outlook.

Going to the Organize tab in Calendar still only offers existing MS related email accounts already set up on the computer, no sign of any of the Gmail accounts 4 or them also already set up on the computer and whose email functions fine and always has. Tried another re-start but nothing changes Feels like some progress but not there yet You are all set from flights standpoint since you saw the dialog asking you to add Google account.

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Unfortunately, I was not able to use this address in Outlook , as the option 'add web calendar' is gone. Didn't realize that. Since images cannot be inserted in comment, I'll edit my answer to include more details. Steve Fan: Yes, but the last line isn't cool Who wants a public calendar??

Not a good idea at all. Want to give the bad guys a map to your house so when you go on vacation they are all set? Or, is there a way to also keep the calendar private and add it to Outlook? DaaBoss: Thanks for your heads up. Yes, there is indeed also a private ical address, called "secret address in ical format" under the same settings for the current version of google calendar.

It's too bad that both companies change their GUI layout so often that even their own documentation is outdated. Everything else failed Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.