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Is It Possible to Trace a MAC Address?

More Tools MAC Address ZONE 8. Tech Tips» You and the Internet» Find anyone’s location from their router MAC address (Google Maps API exploit) Find anyone’s location from their router MAC address (Google Maps API exploit) Samy Kamkar has used the undocumented Google Maps API to map a web browser to GPS.

Your public IP address is just a small piece in the puzzle. What google does do, of course, is collect vast amounts of other data from 3rd-party providers. This data, in absence of an enabled location service on your device, allows google to figure out where you live, and to temporarily attach an IP address to that location. It also lets it and other service providers store a tracking cookie on your browser to uniquely identify you as you, and, say, not your sister browsing through the same IP.

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Interesting… I was wondering why google. We live in the middle of nowhere, no google streetview cars have not been within 20 miles.

Geolocation requests

Our internet works via satellite: no phone lines here power comes from solar. The satellite ground station is in France, therefore our IP-adress is french: we normally get i-ads in french… so how does Google know I am in Greece? Then you mentioned the smartphone, and it becomes clear … it is using the same wifi net as my computer.

Is there any way that google could possibly request my wi-fi SSID name from my web-browser? I was wondering how Google knows my location although my gps is turned off and i also disabled google location history. I remember on search settings there was an option to disable precise location.

That option is no longer there. How can i turn this off? I have experimented with my desktop on a Google Map webpage. Note, I am logged in to Google and gmail on the desktop, with the same gmail account as is on my Android sitting in front of me by my home desktop.

Location tracking

There is a compass looking icon on the lower right. And, very interesting, if I turn off my phone, now the desktop cannot determine my physical location. I just noticed today that google chrome knows my home address… it appeared as autofill…I have location turned off… I have no pc…only my mobile phone… How can I prevent this?

By end of this decade we may get 1-cm accuracy in our devices, though!

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Thanks for the informed article. So lets turn off wifi just wifi on the router.

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Recommend using a free VPN provider if your just browsing ,if your downloading lots get a cheap established VPN provider. VPN helps to prevent IP geolocation.

To keep Google on its toes change the MAC access point when your bored. Skip to content. Is this article useful? Yes No. Comments 2. Facebook Tweet. To accomplish this, we created a portable internet-connected wifi network that could eavesdrop and forward all of the transmissions that the devices connected to it broadcast and received.

We walked around urban areas; shopping centers; and into stores, restaurants, and bars.

Networking Tools

A map-based visualisation made recently by Open Data City and others shows how this works. Google Help. The same is true if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi and you found their MAC address in the list of connected devices on your router. To keep Google on its toes change the MAC access point when your bored. See how quickly that happens.

Google, accurately, describes Location History as entirely opt-in. Location History is entirely opt-in, and you can always edit, delete, or turn it off at any time. When asked to opt in, however, the full implications of enabling Location History are rarely made clear. Here are some of the ways Google apps ask users to enable Location History.

There is no option to limit Location History to only be used for sorting photos.

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Those suggestions come in exchange for Google knowing how often you go for a run and how often you charge your battery.