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How to clean up Mail in OS X Yosemite

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Solving the mysteries of the Mail Downloads folder

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It will not delete attachments that you have yourself saved to a specific folder on your computer. It will only delete attachments that were automatically downloaded as some sort of caching measure by the opening system.

Most of these files are the obvious attachments such as PDFs of photos you might have received, but also less obvious files such as images embedded in signatures. In spite of that, when you start to download the Apple Mail application, you can fix the attachments along with the emails.

Check How Much Space Mail is Using

So how can email be accessed through an application while maintaining minimal storage? Before doing this, we first need to know how much space Mac Mail is using.

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For the most part, this number will be composed of attachments. As long as the attachments are on the server, then they will be re-downloaded when you next sync with the server. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Read More next? Go to the top menu bar. Often, especially for those in creative professional or knowledge economy roles, we rely on email to communicate professionally and send more complex and detailed information.

The main thing is an attachment, which takes up a lot of space in the mailbox, many of which are not necessary. There are even many options to remove email attachments from a local copy when leaving mail on the server. But, there is a solution that does the same.

CleanMyMac is a tool that appears in every email and finds emails with large attachments. Assume that, by default, you are using the default IMAP client, you can leave email attachments on the server and only delete the local copy.

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In fact, there are many other excellent tools available that help cleans up the Mac platform and free up disk space. But CleanMyMac is the best solution, as it will definitely help you. Also, it is one of the best ways to back up the necessary things before removing anything else. The mailbox increases in size because the Mail application can download all emails and attachments to saved in Mac OS.