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No Sound in Win 7 Thanks, Artemisworks.

How to Manually Install missing Mac Drivers for Windows7/8 on Bootcamp

TomDuhamel February Not a known issue relating to your particular setup, but a known issue in general. Luke forgot to include a file in the installer, which is not required by most people but required for some people. Oh thank you! Yes, installing DirectX solved my problem. I thought it was just me. Thanks again. EricCartman March But when I want to start the game I get this: "A fatal error has occurred and the application cannot continue.

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VideoDX No valid display modes are available! Video DX9: The application requires hardware that supports shader model 2.

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VideoDevice: Failed to load or initialize a video interface! Is there any solution to this problem?

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TomDuhamel March EricCartman Assuming the message is right, your gfx card doesn't support shader model 2. There is no way around it. Why I have no sound from the remote computer and the Computer Sound button is inactive? Drivers on a sound of WinXP stand - Realtek.

You were actually on the right track.

Fixing a MacBook Stuck on Mute

There are certain operating systems that cannot send system sounds, which is why TeamViewer cannot transmit any computer sounds in those cases. I'm sitting at a Mac Mini running El Capitan, and when I use TeamViewer 12 to remote control a laptop running Linux Mint and TeamViewer 12 I get no sound, though streaming audio from the web is playing on speakers connected to the laptop.

You didn't say Linux can't send sound. Maybe Mac OS can't receive sound? All the audio options I can find in TeamViewer are enabled. Am I missing something? Here the remote computer is Win 7 and the local computer is Win Sound used to work a while ago under TV Sometime after upgrading both machines to version 12, I realized I was not hearing any sound from the remote computer's sound source.

I have both configured for "full interaction and "share But it does not work. Used to work with Teamviewer11 but doesn't work with Teamviewer The remote pc is an apple and my laptop with which I am connecting is a lenovo with windows. I cannot hear the sound. The earphones are plugged in on the remote pc as to not bother the other people in that office.

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On my Mac Mini the sound works fine when running Snow Leopard, but there is no sound in Windows 7. I have contacted Micosoft and they say. Try updating the sound drivers to the latest Realtek drivers.

I have the same problem. I am remote controlling my Win 10 desktop frome my Chromebook, but there's no audio. Have everything enabled, blah, blah, blah. Is this another case of OSX not being able to recieve sound? Or did I do something wrong? All help appreciated! That's not true. Windows XP can definitely send system sounds or so to say, it's definitely possible for an application running on an XP-Machine to capture system sounds in 3 ways. That is it! Stereo mix can even be hidden, you have to be sure to right click on the panel with recording devices and unhide everything.

Than you can enable it.

How to get sound working in Windows 7 running via Boot Camp

I have got the same problem too. The local computer is in Windows 7 and the remote computer is in Windows I remember when I'm using TV11, there were voices from the remote computer. But after updating, I cannot hear any voice from the remote computer. Hope someone can help me.

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However looking up the serial, here's the specs page: support. Active 3 years, 5 months ago. Sign up to join this community. You're awesome. So I either need a pair of USB speakers or amplified ones. Thanks for the post.

Mine is a slightly different problem. I'm using Macs at each end, but my view of the remote's audio and video windows is blanked out so I am unable to un-mute the mike or turn on the video. The remote Mac can hear me and if video is on can see me as well. However, I cannot hear any audio from the remote Mac.

Sound problems on Windows with Boot Camp

There are no audio controls displayed on the remote computer and the remote video controls are not active on that computer. I am running macOS Sierra. Previous versions of TeamViewer did not experience these audio problems. It is unacceptable that a key functionality of TeamViewer is inoperable and a solution needs to be provided.