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I have just taken delivery of a Genuine Nano ordered from the Arduino.

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The RX light on the Nano flashes briefly when it is plugged in but the unit won't connect to the MacBook. I also have a genuine Arduino Uno and that works fine with either adaptor and have been using this just now. There are some issues with High Sierra and clones that use a different chipset but as I have a genuine Nano I didn't expect any problems. The MacBook is new and I don't really fancy messing with the drivers; if I wanted to do that I would have saved myself a lot of money and bought a cheap Windows machine. Anyway, I wondered if you had any resolution or whether anyone else has had issues or knows a solution?

Thanks, Chris. Re: Nano not found in Arduino 1.

How to fix Arduino serial port bug on OS X (serial port not found)

Genuine Nano with High Sierra solution?! I have an update on this since my last post.

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  • CH Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux.

This older version requires some hacking in order to get it to work. I am leaving instructions just in case someone needs it, or the new driver does not work for someone. Note: the following pre-installation steps are only required on the two most recent versions of OS-X Yosemite and El Capitan. It is because the driver is not signed properly from Apple's perspective. We are waiting on the developer to update the driver so that these pre-installation steps are no longer needed. However, if you are using the Eclipse Plugin, it is not smart enough to list this port in the list of available serial ports either in project properties, or in the serial monitor.

Toggle navigation. If you are not a yosemite user, please skip the next step and restart your computer. For the drivers to work for you, you will have to do this before you reboot your mac:. It may ruin your computer if you write the wrong code.

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Once you have pressed enter, terminal will prompt you for your user password. Insert this and press enter. If everything is done correctly and there were no errors appearing. You should be able to restart your arduino IDE and see the port. For my mac it is usually like above in the picture but sometimes it changes. You will also notice that once in a while maybe 1 time of 3 you will get errors when uploading but you do not have to care, the code will usually upload either way.

I hope this tutorial helped you and remember that the CH chip is a bit complicated and it may also be used in other cheap arduino board clones. Thanks for reading and once again, I hope it helped you.

Official boards use FT232 some chinese boards use a CH340 Chip

The original Nano uses FTDI's FT ship, whereas clones use the CG USB- to-TTL chip. The former works fine straight away Mac OS. The guide is written with Mac OSX El Capitan, Arduino Nano V3 (built by The reason is the name of serial port that used in Arduino is not.

I've lost hours trying to make two nano clones work. Were not recognized.

Im on Linux, tried on kernel 4 and 5. Reply 5 months ago. Probably the same drivers. I see they're labeled ch34x - so will cover and , I assume. You've probably got your answer by now - I'm just putting this here for posterity. Just a quick comment re Linux installation - year is now and Arduino IE is version 1.

Arduino Nano CH 3 Steps

The repos do not have nice new versions of the IDE. Download instead from arduino. Tip 2: do not forget to add the current user to the dialout group. Depending on the generation of the CH and esp. I downloaded the IDE from arduino.

Arduino Nano serial port not recognized on Mac 10.12

It was not at all necessary to install drivers or make them on the Linux machines - but I did install them for the Mac. Downloaded from the Chinese site.

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A bit of a challenge as I don't read Chinese - but the little cloud symbol with a down arrow kind of gave me a clue. Info on Github is really good too. Then I found in a german web article that from time to time you have to reinstall the IDE after a system update of the kernel, so that the serial USB interface works again. I didn't do it but my Nano started to blink when connected to the USB port so I thought it couldn't be out of order and should work anyhow.

Do you have links to the driver downloads that are not html pages?